SO-V03 & 04 Cuttings Dryer

The STEP OILTOOLS SO-V03 vertical cuttings dryer is a smaller dryer designed for tight offshore installation and onshore processing where drill cuttings volumes are lower. The SO-V03 is a vertically orientated conical basket centrifuge designed to reduce the liquid content of drilling cuttings to a level that allows for their disposal to the environment or for further processing. Drill cuttings are transported to the cuttings dryer via, screw conveyor, cuttings pump, and vacuum system or by gravity, cuttings are fed into the centre of the scroll and centrifugal force distributes the cuttings through the concentrically placed scroll. The progressively high G force created by the conical screen allows the drilling fluid to pass through the screen while the cuttings are conveyed by the scroll to the discharge point. The recovered drilling fluid exists from the base of the unit into a holding tank for further processing.



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