STEP Oiltools signs exclusive licensing deal in SE Asia with Ground Effects Clean Mud

STEP Oiltools have signed a five year licensing agreement with Ground Effect Clean Mud Solutions for GE’s ESC technology in South East Asia. the deal partners Ground Effects, a cuttings edge innovation and environmental technology company, with STEP Oiltools, a world leader in drilling waste management equipment and services.

STEP Oiltools will provide the turn key services in SE Asia using GE’s revolutionary patent pending ESC technology, a system five-years in the making and a game changer in the DWM industry. The ESC uses electro-kinetics to remove low gravity solids from oil based drilling fluids, cuttings drilling and disposal costs dramatically by reducing waste and recovering valuable base oil in the process.

STEP Oiltools is please to partner with Ground Effects Clean Mud in the future of Drilling Waste Management technology.

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