Cuttings Containers

The STEP OILTOOLS range of cuttings containers are designed with innovative features to improve safety and increase operational efficiency. All the containers are designed and built to DNV 2.7.1 / EN12079 and are stackable to reduced deck space. Each container has two light weight lids and a number of inlet and outlet points for use with cuttings auger systems, vacuum system and pneumatic conveyance systems.



11 Mton Cuttings Container
Dimensions: 2202mm x 1842mm x 1600mm
Weight: 1,700 kg
Max Payload: 9,300 kg

Gross Weight: 11,000 kg
6 Mton Cuttings Container

Dimensions: 1955mm x 1775mm x 1425mm

Tare Weight: 1,115 kg

Max Payload: 4,885 kg
Gross Weight: 6,000 kg

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