Drill Cuttings Injection System

The STEP™ drill cuttings injection (DCI) system’s design is based on well proven and reliable technology. The unit produces slurry from drill cuttings and sea water which is suitable for subsea re-injection. Drill cuttings are fed to the slurry unit via cuttings conveyors or cuttings venturi’s and fed to the coarse tank and blended with sea water. The slurry is circulated through the coarse tank by specially designed grinding pumps and high shear venturi to grind the cuttings. The slurry is circulated across a classification shaker and oversized cuttings are separated and returned to the coarse tank. The slurry that passes classification enters the slurry tank and is prepared for injection to ensure that it meets the correct density and viscosity for subsea injection. The STEP™ drill cuttings injection (DCI) system is a modular system and can be skid mounted or designed into the rig design. Additional equipment such as operator cabins, injection pumps, data acquisition systems and holding tanks are options available.

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